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Make with Melting

3D printing is fairly common these days and it's also fairly easy to create digital shapes that are difficult to deal with. Sometimes you get support structures that are difficult to remove. Sometimes portions of the model are more fragile than expected due to the position of the 3D printed layers of material relative to applied forces.

Autodesk Research Meltables 3D Printing3D printing your models with hinge style joints and then melting the parts into place may help you get around these problems, as seen in the images below with the before and after state.

Autodesk Research MeltablesThese objects were printed in PLA and melted at 150°C. Gravity did the rest of the work.

This also works for larger scale object such as PVC piping as seen in the object below on the left.

Autodesk Research MeltablesYou can read more about the Meltables research project conducted by the Design and Fabrication group and see some of their results in the video below. At the end of the video you'll see a strength test showing that the melted object is stronger than the standard 3D printed object.


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