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How is a Researcher like an Octopus?

Autodesk Research is part of the Office of the CTO, or OCTO for short. So, we like things with octo in the name. Things like octopuses - octopi, if you like - and their parallels to members of the research world. Octopuses are:

  • quite intelligent (shown through maze and problem solving experiments)
  • good at learning with strong short and long term memory
  • behaviourally flexible
  • interested in play
  • good at photography

Good at photography?


When we saw this video from Sony we were impressed as we also like exposing ourselves to new experiences and documenting our learning. It's also just really cool.

The behind the scenes video is also fascinating. Before learning to take a picture the octopus decided to taste the camera, perhaps thinking it was a new type of clam.  


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