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Good User Experience Helps Net Promoter Score

Do you ever have trouble making the case to improve the user experience of your product? Erin Bradner from the Design Research group at Autodesk has found that user experience can impact Net Promoter Score by up to 40%.

Good UX Meand Good NPS Autodesk Research

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a way to measure customer satisfaction with a single question: How likely are you to recommend our product or service?  

To calculate the Net Promoter Score, we:

  1. Asked customers if they'd recommend our product using a scale from 0 to 10 where 10 means extremely likely and 0 means extremely unlikely.
  2. Segmented the responses into three buckets:
    • Promoters: Responses from 9-10
    • Passives: Responses from 7-8
    • Detractors: Responses from 0 to 6
  3. Calculate the percent of promoters and percent of detractors.
  4. Subtracted the percent of detractors from the percent of promoter responses to get the Net Promoter Score.

We had 40% more customers promoting than detracting our product which is above the average Consumer Software Industry average Net Promoter Score of 21%. That's a good thing but we wanted to understand why. We followed up the likelihood to recommend question with questions on overall product quality, product value and product ease-of-use. 

With this follow-up, the team looked at how a new feature contributed and compared to the other aspects of the NPS, including its discoverability, relevance and ease of use. It was assumed that Product Support and Product Value were the main drivers of a positive NPS. The data, as you can see below, showed that User Experience was an even bigger contributor. Analysing a similar a similar dataset showed even better results of User Experience contributing 40% to a positive NPS.  

Contribution of UX to Likelihood to Recommend Autodesk Research


This is good news for User Experience designers and the product team at large to help prioritize their efforts.

"The Net Promoter model had provided us with a way to define and prioritize investment in user experience design and had given us a way to track the return of that investment year-over-year."

While studying NPS, the team looked a little deeper to see how many recommendations were required to acquire a new customer.

Referrals Needed to Acquire a New Customer Autodesk Research

"Since we knew the average sales price of our product, we were able to estimate the revenue gains associated with improving the user experience of our software. We quantified the value of a good user experience. By tying user experience to customer acquisition, we are able to prioritize design investment in ease-of-use and in research to improve the user experience of our products."



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