Meshmixer 2.7 Makes it Easier to 3D Print Multiple Objects
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$100 Million 3D Printing Investment Fund Plus Meshmixer API and Scripting

Happy new year, Everyone! There's lots of 3D Printing news coming out of CES this week including cheaper printers, smaller printers and food printers. One of our favourites is the Voxel8 printer that prints both plastic and conductive ink for electronics (remember our research on creating tubes and cavities in your models for interactive objects?). The Voxel8 printer team is working with Autodesk via Project Wire to place components, route 3D wires and output multi-material print data for fabrication.

With this, we wanted to make sure that you know about something else we've done. Good things come in threes:

  1. Autodesk announces the open 3D printing platform known as Spark
  2. Autodesk announces the $100 million investment fund for 3D Printing innovators
  3. Autodesk announces Meshmixer 2.7 with an API and scripting

Autodesk Meshmixer API Spark 3D Printing Investment Fund


That's right! Meshmixer now has an API so you can customize workflows, automate repetitive tasks and create new tools and abilities for 3D printing on your own. Developers can access the examples via GitHub and can choose between using C++ and Python. 

LIke using Meshmixer, it is very easy to get started with the API. As this is the first exposure of the API, the team is interested in feedback on what can be improved. You can share that on the Meshmixer forum.

With these three advances in 3D printing, what will you do to make 3D printing better? 


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